Mae Long

Mae Long, obtained her Undergraduate Degree from North Carolina Central University in Physical Education. Continuing her educational journey, Mae received a Master's Degree from Strayer University, in Public Health Management. Mae is also A Peer Support Specialist, a Licensed Insurance Agent, and the founder of Future Leaders Developmental Program Inc., a Non-Profit
501( c )(3) organization.

As a young girl, Mae acted in stage plays and workshops in several states, under the direction of David Payton. At 10 years of age, Mae performed on "It's Showtime at the Apollo", and later recorded her first single record. Mae was also a Pageant Contestant, frequently placing in the Top 10.

Mae is a former Athlete holding the 2004 High School, State Record as well as being Nationally Ranked in Track & Field; and has a love for all sports.

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Being a former educator, as well as a Licensed Insurance Agent, provided Mae with the opportunity to stay involved with the parents and children of the community. Mae frequently observed that children in the community were in need of programs and workshops, designed to keep them busy, keep them learning and keep them out of trouble. Most of all programs were needed in the community, to prepare them for success and to help them achieve their greatness.

Mae attributes her success in life to being kept busy as a young person, and that is what is missing today. However, due to inadequate community programming and lack of funding help for parents, young people have little to keep them active and involved in constructive activities, which many times can lead to trouble.

Mae knows that children have to be Encouraged, Mentored and Trained, to help them on their way to becoming better citizens of their community., and it would give young people a much needed head start on their way to adulthood.

Mae is looking for individuals, who are interested and willing to share information, resources, volunteer, or provide much needed financial assistance to Future Leaders Development Program, Inc. She is poised to network with all interested individuals on a local or international level.

It is Mae's belief that by working together we can provide young people ages 6 to 21, from ALL backgrounds and areas with exciting and educational extracurricular activities, filled with valuable knowledge, that will last a lifetime and help them become LEADERS in our society.

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